Sunday, April 18, 2010

My idea for potty training

I started potty-training my 18-month-old little guy last week.

He is very active, just like his big sister. He thinks he is too busy to stop playing and sit still on his potty chair. So I have some motivation for him. He loves books, so I sit next to his potty chair with his favorite books, which instantly draws him to me.

Sometimes, that doesn't work. So I pull out my secret weapon. I have sprinkles that normally go on top of cupcakes or ice cream. I think they are also called jimmies? I put a few in my hand. They are so small, that it takes him time to be able to pick up one. By the time he has eaten four or five, he has been sitting on the potty chair for a good amount of time. He thinks they are so fun to eat, and I feel good because I know he is getting such a tiny amount of sugar.