Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Simple yet complicated

I would have to say that life on the mission field is simple. Hanging clothes on the clothes line. Baking from scratch. No TV. No air conditioning or heat (not that we would ever need the heat!). Many of the people we minister to do not have any kind of electricity. Most people do not have cars and simply walk where they need to go. Life is less complicated, in terms of technology and material possesions. With less distractions, life is simple. More focus on family time. Board games and evening walks.

Yet at the same time it is complicated. As in more work! Hanging laundry during rainy season is quite a challenge. And baking from know that it is time consuming. Another example is travel within the country. Our country is the size of Massachusettes, yet it would take probably 5 hours to drive across the entire country (thanks to 2-lane highways and rugged mountains). Also remember earlier that I said most people do not have cars? They tend to walk along the highway...even walk across the highway, if needed. Along with cows, donkeys, and sheep, the roads can get crowded!

Maybe this post is just a big oxymoron. I think that friends on the mission field, or those who have visited will understand that life here is simple, yet complicated.


  1. I undersand completely. So much of our time is consumed with simply living. Paying bills, fixing small problems in the house, taking the car to the shop...

  2. So true. I have been thinking of all the little things like hanging clothes to dry or boiling water to do dishes so we can save electricity that makes mission life different. Sometimes i am missing the comfort of the easier life i used to have but i also love how this one brings people closer.