Saturday, November 13, 2010

Caleb's Definitions

I am helping Mommy write a blog entry today since she has been busy and has neglected her blog for a couple of months. I thought everyone might like to know what I think about some important words.

-Bib: Something Mommy puts on me tha must be removed at all costs, and as quickly as possible.

-Washcloth, Soap: torture devices.

-"No": Mommy's favorite word, she uses it all the time.

-The Backyardigans: The best thing since sliced bread. One day, I am going to marry that Uniqua. I tell Mommy that she is beautiful.

-Sunrise: The perfect time to get up.

-Shirt: Conveniently always available in front of me to wipe anything unwanted from my hands, toys, floor, or nose.

-Meal time: A necessary evil to get to dessert time.

-Big Sister's toys: So much more intriguing than my own toys. Especially the delicate ones that break easily.

-Mommy's lap: The best seat in the house.

Yell- When you are too exhasperated or excited to remember how to use words, just do this. It is also quite effective to repeat what Big Sister is saying in those moments. For example, mine, give it back, or stop it.

-Potty: This is a magical word. If you say this word to Mommy, she will instantly stop whatever she is doing and pay complete attention to you!

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  1. Enhancing vocabulary, eh? Good job Caleb, you're getting it!!