Thursday, October 29, 2009

An atheist's convicting declaration

I read this story about a week ago, while lying on the couch with my broken foot propped. The advantage of needing to rest is that there is lots of time to READ! I read the following, which impacted me greatly. This account is in "Created to be God's friend" by Henry Blackaby.

Blackaby tells a story about a preacher who was speaking with an atheist. The atheist explained why he was not a Christian. He said that if he truly believed, as Christians say they believe, that everyone must face eternity and give account for how they lived, and that Jesus in His death and resurrection was the only way to God, and that all who do not receive Christ's provision would die in their sins and spend eternity in hell- then, he said, he would not rest day or night from warning everyone and urging them to respond to Christ. But, he continued, when I see the way most Christians live, I am totally convinced that what they say they believe is not true.

This declaration of an atheist is quite convicting. I find myself wrapped up in the daily tasks of raising kids and maintaining a home that I tend to lose sight of eternity. My husband is good for me regarding this. He always has a sense of urgency in everything he does, with his eyes on eternal worth. After going to bed last night, we talked for almost an hour about this. Our conclusion was this: we must not turn back, press forward, and improve, with God giving us the strength.

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  1. It all seems so overwhelming - until - we realise that it is God who does the drawing to Jesus. "All" we have to do is the loving and telling. God Bless. See you there.