Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recipes: Alfredo Sauce

On the mission field, we do not have access to many things we love. Or the item is very expensive since it is imported. So I am learning to make some things that we love on my own. Some of the ingredients may not seem right, but I am limited as to what is available / less expensive here (for example, I use margarine and milk instead of butter and cream). My husband loves Alfredo Sauce. I have come up with a recipe that we love.

Alfredo Sauce

Half a stick of margarine
minced onion (if you like your sauce smooth, omit the onion)
1 tbsp flour
2 c milk
1 tsp salt
3 oz Parmesan cheese
garlic powder

Melt margarine on low heat. Fry onion in margarine until translucent. Slowly add 1 tbsp of flour, while stirring. After you have a thick paste, slowly add two cups of milk, little by little, stirring continuously. Do not add the milk too quickly or you will have a chunky mess! Be patient, coninuously stirring the sauce. When sauce begins to thicken, add the salt, cheese and garlic powder. Continuously stir until the sauce is nice and thick.

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