Thursday, October 1, 2009

What do we want for our kids?

What do we want for our kids?

My husband and I have thought a lot about the kind of parents we want to be. We heard a message by Adrian Rogers to number of years ago. It impacted us greatly. So greatly, that we often refer back to the following story. This is similiar to how Pastor Rogers worded it.

When the Israelites were close to Canaan, some of them DECIDED they did not want to go into Canaan.

"This is just fine out here. We are satisfied raising our families in the desert. Promised Land? No, thank you. We are content living in the outskirts of it."

When it was time for these families to celebrate feasts, thanking God for what he had done for them, what did these parents say to their children?

"So, dad, what exactly are we celebrating?" a quizzical child asks.
"Why, we are celebrating how God has been good to us!"
The child looks around, sees the desert, feels the heat, licks his parched lips. Then looks to the distance, where the Promised Land is.

Do you think that child was convinced that God was good to them? Or would this child prefer to go back to Egypt? I am sure Egypt looked quite appealing to that child, since he never saw what it was like to like to live in the Promised Land.

We want to live a life in the Promised Land, as God intended and full of blessing. The desert is no place for a Christian parent to live permanently. Living in the Promised Land, it is more likely that our kids will also live there. If we live mediocre lives in the desert, our little ones may do the same. Or worse, they will return to Egypt.

Live a victorious Christian life in the Promised Land. You are the best example your children will ever have.

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